The Resurgence of Ferry Rides

Apr 22, 2024

Ferry Boat located in Washington State.

Despite initial setbacks during the pandemic, ferry services are making waves once more, emerging as a favored mode of transportation for commuters seeking alternative options.

This shift has triggered an uptick in ferry travel, stimulating redevelopments and waterfront projects in coastal cities from Washington to New Jersey.

The enthusiasm for ferry travel transcends mere traffic avoidance. It embodies a lifestyle choice, signals a commitment to sustainability, and serves as a driving force behind community revitalization. New ferry systems are strategically crafted to cater to modern travel patterns of business and leisure. And they’re doing so with swifter, more efficient service, and innovative terminal designs.

Municipalities are actively promoting ferry use, investing in new routes and incentives for waterside rebirth. It’s a testament to the ferry system’s ability to knit together communities while reducing the environmental footprint of public transit.

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