Sustainability matters.

Our best work together creates sustainable solutions for enduring environmental, societal and economic benefits.

Driven by curiosity and grounded in experience, we explore every opportunity to enhance the quality and value of connections between structural, human and natural resources:

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Sustainability Assurance

From development to operation provides resilience from climate threats to extend the life and security of infrastructure assets and all who depend on them

We also offer a complete range of wetlands services including delineation, permitting, and mitigation.

Project coordination with municipal, county, state, and federal regulatory agencies is an integral part of our environmental services. Our experience in working with these agencies allows us to quickly and efficiently obtain permits and approval of documents.

  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Phase I/ Property Condition Assessments (PCA) / Due Diligence
  • ESA Phase II – Subsurface Investigation and Evaluation
  • Remedial Investigations / Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)
  • Remediation System Design, Installation, Implementation & Optimization/Decommissioning
  • Landfill Monitoring/Permitting
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Training

Environmental Assessment and Mitigation

To discover and resolve concerns associated with air, land and water quality, including subsurface conditions, wetlands delineation and resource management

We help clients design sampling plans and remedial programs, select cleanup technologies, prepare comprehensive findings reports, and manage the permitting process, and we provide expert witness testimony as well.

We are deeply experienced in soil, soil vapor, and groundwater remediation strategies through both traditional and innovative means including chemical, biological, and physical mass removal technologies.

  • NEPA Compliance/Documentation
  • NPDES Permit & Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • Hazardous Waste / Hazardous Materials Permitting
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Compliance Assistance
  • History and Archaeology
  • NSR Permitting
  • POTW Discharge Permitting
  • Natural & Cultural Resource Surveys
  • Air & Water Quality
  • Wetlands and Stream Buffer Consulting – 404 Permitting
  • Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) & Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance & Management
  • Water Resource Management
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Noise Studies

Air Quality Consulting & Field Services

From automated resource monitoring to on-site sampling and mitigation services, we’re there for you

Our team of professionals are experts in helping clients meet environmental regulatory compliance associated with the Clean Air Act, including air permitting, dispersion modeling, regulatory compliance, leak detection and repair (LDAR), BWON, and more.

We specialize in all large capital project permitting and dispersion modeling analyses as well as flare compliance, energy efficiency auditing, environmental auditing, merger and acquisition support. We are also experts in developing, auditing, and implementing LDAR programs and enhancements.

For more than two decades, our engineers have partnered with clients to provide reliable solutions to environmental compliance and regulatory issues that other firms simply cannot match. Our deep understanding of industry complexities and current regulations frees our clients to manage their operations with confidence.

  • Regulation Compliance Support
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Onsite Services
  • Emissions Reporting
  • Emission Offsets & Banking
  • M&A Support
  • LDAR Program Management
  • Sampling & Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • OGI Surveys
  • Data Management

Industrial Hygiene & Building Sciences

From analytical services to consulting and litigation support, we help you maintain the health and quality of your buildings

At Atlas, we apply our broad experience with a wide range of building types and ages to respond to our clients’ needs. We provide a range of analytical services, consulting and litigation support so that our clients can better anticipate, recognize, prevent, evaluate, and control occupational injuries and diseases. We partner to meet our client’s regulatory needs when purchasing, maintaining, selling, renovating, or demolishing a structure, and we work discreetly whenever possible to minimize impacts to ongoing operations.

Our certified health and safety professionals also conduct workplace risk assessments, monitoring employee exposure to chemical and physical stresses and developing effective EHS strategies for our clients.

  • COVID & Infection Control Services
  • AHERA Inspections / Re-Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality Investigations & Engineering Solutions
  • Radon Sampling & Reporting
  • Microbial Investigations, Remediation Work Plans
  • Water Intrusion Investigations
  • Chemical Hygiene / OSHA Compliance
  • LEED Consulting
  • Ventilation Assessments & Engineering
  • Occupational Exposure, Noise Exposure & Ergonomic Assessments
  • Drinking Water Investigations
  • Lead-Based Paint Consulting & Management
  • Disaster Response

Environmental Experts

Professionals from every relevant discipline work with the latest technologies:

  • Engineers
  • Geologists
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Archeologists
  • Technicians and Inspectors

Environmental Health & Safety Training

Our customized training programs help clients develop a highly trained workforce, ensure a safe and compliant workplace, and get the most from of their training investment.

Training is not simply a regulatory requirement or a compulsory exercise. A well designed and executed training program is the cornerstone of a strong safety culture that provides a significant return on investment by increasing safety awareness, ensuring compliance, reducing workplace incidents, and ultimately lowering operating costs.

Atlas’ training programs are based on over 40 years of practical industry experience, and our trainers and curriculum developers are current practicing professionals. We can meet clients either at one of our locations across the country or at their sites to perform a thorough training needs assessment to develop a customized training program.

By taking the time to understand our clients, their business drivers, and their company cultures, we can provide training that engages and motivates employees. Our unique approach to integrating daily work experiences and routines into the training facilitates increased health and safety awareness, which often leads to higher workplace function, better efficiency, and greater productivity. The true value in our training programs comes from providing an experiential learning component that is critical to curriculum content retention as well as reinforcement of a behavior-based safety program.

We offer training courses to suit our clients’ needs, whenever their employees need it. Courses can be conducted during first, second, and third shifts, weekends, and holidays. Our online training content is available 24/7, year round.

Course Offerings:

  • OSHA HAZWOPER and Supervisor Training
  • OSHA Outreach Training
  • Asbestos
  • Lead-Based Paint
  • Water Intrusion and Mold
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Emergency Response and Safety
  • Stormwater Management
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Air Permitting
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)
  • Benzene Waste Operations NESHAPS (BWON)
  • Flares
  • New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Subpart QQQ
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
  • UST Class A/B Operator Training
  • UST Class C Operator Training
  • Stage II Vapor Recovery Training

Training Locations:

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