A team of MA/Atlas employees support Walmart Facility Maintenance Division with plumbing management and assessment at existing retail stores in the US .  The scope of work includes four key areas — plumbing assessments, design and repair, plumbing recommendations, construction and construction management.   

Teams of engineers and field technicians investigate and assess the condition of sanitary and grease piping at Walmart locations, often through camera inspections.

For plumbing recommendation reviews, the team will perform store inspections and review recommendations by plumbing contractors; inspect issues through cameras and interviews; provide reports and cost validation.  In addition to the assessment, the team provides construction management which includes preparing bids, budgeting and cost evaluation; subcontractor management & oversight; coordination among stores; communication with regional plumbing team; closeout activities and post construction monitoring. 

And finally, design and repair recommendations are often for new fixtures and equipment, Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining, grinder/eviscerator pumps, redesign of plumbing, repair and construction and cost evaluation.

So far, the team has completed over 20 plumbing assessments nationwide; installed more than 5,000 ft of CIPP lining; designed grinder pumps, back-pitched pipe and refrigeration draining and completed excavations inside and outside the stores.