This 6.1-mile project consists of construction of a bypass around the southeast section of the City of LaGrange. Troup County had a Local Government Project Agreement with GDOT whereby they would design the project, acquire environmental clearance and acquire the right of way and GDOT would reimburse the right of way costs and let the project to construction. The project was built in two sections with the first section was completed in in 2008 and the second section was let in early 2009.

This project was a result of a Local Government Project Agreement between Troup County and GDOT whereby the County provided the design, environmental clearance, and right of way acquisition. GDOT reimbursed the County for the right of way cost and let the project to construction. Construction was completed in 2011 and the road open to traffic.

The construction plans called it the South LaGrange Loop, however, the Troup County Commission have decided to designate it Pegasus Parkway because it is an extension of that road and existing businesses won’t need to change addresses.

The road has an honorary name as well – “Chips Moman Highway” – for the LaGrange songwriter/producer.


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