Sherwood Forest Drive Extension

Services Provided: Road/Bridge Design, Geotechnical Design, Flood Plain Analysis (to include fill mitigation and detention design), Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling, Drainage Design, Green Infrastructure Planning and Design, Utility Coordination, Subsurface Utility Engineering (Level A), Topographic Survey, ROW Survey and Mapping, Traffic Engineering and Design


The Atlas/ATC Baton Rouge Office has been selected by East Baton Rouge Parish to design the N. Sherwood Forest Drive Extension project under their Road Rehabilitation and Mobility Enhancement Program known as MovEBR. This 2-mile greenfield project has a number of corridor challenges to consider including environmental wetlands, residential and commercial right-of-way, oil and gas pipelines, transmission lines, and the fact that the entire area falls within the Comite River watershed which was inundated during the parish-wide 2016 flood event. Due to this event the project area is classified as Flood Zone AE and will require extensive upstream and downstream watershed modeling, detention modeling, and flood plain fill mitigation. This extensive use of H&H modeling will be the first of its kind for the MovEBR program and will likely be used for any future development in the area and incorporated into a larger parish-wide master drainage plan initiative. For the first phase of the project, the Atlas team is developing a Planning and Modeling Study and Topographic Surveying scope of work with associated workhours. Upon completion of the design study, which will take approximately 18 months, we will negotiate phase 2 of the project which will include Road/Bridge design, drainage, 2 new intersections, SUE Services, pedestrian access, and sustainable green infrastructure. This project is part of the larger Baton Rouge transportation master plan which seeks to reduce corridor congestion, safer streets, and enhance mobility to improve the quality of life for all residents and commuters to the Capital area.