Atlas has led a team of consultants to validate the conceptual design, conduct environmental studies, and provide preliminary engineering for the reconstruction of the I-16/I-75 interchange near Macon, Georgia, for GDOT. The I-16/I-75 Improvement Project includes the widening and reconstruction of I-75 from Hardeman Avenue to Pierce Avenue and I-16 from I-75 to Walnut Creek within the City of Macon in Bibb County, Georgia. Within this corridor are three interstate/arterial route interchanges (I-16 at Spring Street, Second Street, and Coliseum Drive), and a freeway-to-freeway interchange between I-16 and I-75. The primary objective of the project is to improve operational efficiencies of each of the above interchanges.

Apart from the engineering responsibilities associated with project design validation and environmental impacts, public involvement was crucial in generating support and understanding the need and purpose of the project and played a major role in project development. From the outset, Atlas set out to inform and involve affected and interested communities, public entities, and private citizens early and regularly in an effort to promote understanding and support for the project. Based on prior experience with roadway construction projects in the Macon area. A public involvement plan was developed to provide interested citizens information about the project, including its timeline and implications throughout the planning and concept development phase. The public involvement plan also provided opportunities for citizens to help identify issues and solutions regarding the project. In conjunction with these objectives, the plan was also designed to be as responsive and proactive as possible to the public’s request for information and involvement.

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Conceptual Design

Environmental Studies

Preliminary Engineering

Public Involvement and Awareness

A Series of Collector-Distributor Roads

Twenty-Four (24) Retaining Walls

Ten (10) New Bridges

Reconstruction of Three (3) Bridges


Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)


Macon, Georgia