Moreland Altobelli/Atlas Continues to Build Strategic Team

Jun 4, 2018

Former GDOT Communications Director joins the Firm

Duluth, GA— Moreland Altobelli Associates, LLC, an Atlas Technical Consultants (Atlas) company, has announced that Karlene Barron, former Communications Director at the Georgia Department of Transportation recently joined the firm to serve as its Communications Director. Barron, a recent 25-year retiree from GDOT joins a list of strategic hires brought on as a result of the recent merger of Moreland Altobelli, PAVETEX and Consolidated Engineering Laboratories, now Atlas.

Barron, a twenty five-year public relations, marketing and communications professional, has led and managed Georgia DOT’s overall public education and outreach efforts for most of those years.  She was responsible for improving the Department’s public outreach efforts through enhanced use of media relations, community outreach, digital media and public involvement.   She led the effort to create and implement the statewide Drive Alert Arrive Alive campaign – a behavioral change and education campaign to reduce roadway fatalities.  In addition, she led the effort to streamline GDOT’s public involvement process that addressed public engagement, education and decision-making processes.

“We are certainly thrilled to have Karlene on board to share her knowledge and skills and to promote all the great work we are doing here at MA/Atlas,” said Buddy Gratton, President of MA/Atlas.  “Her wealth of experience compliments our continued effort to serve our clients in the best way we can.”

In addition, Barron managed the crisis communications effort associated with the 2007 Blufton bus accident; led the market research, brand development and education efforts for the launch of Georgia’s Express Lanes program and she spearheaded and managed GDOT’s expansion of the webpage and entry into various social media platforms.

She began her career as a Public Relations Manager in the Office of the Prime Minister of Jamaica and has also worked in social service PR in Washington, D.C., and entertainment PR in New York. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mansfield University in Pennsylvania and a Master of Arts degree in Public Communications from The American University in Washington, D.C.


Karlene Barron, Communications Director
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