International Efforts to Beat the Heat

Apr 15, 2024

As the world grapples with extreme heat due to climate change, nations like Sierra Leone and Mexico are adopting low-cost, eco-friendly solutions such as tree planting and cooling stations.

Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, is striving to transform into ‘TreeTown’, with over 1 million trees planted since 2020 to provide shade and employment opportunities for its residents.

On the other hand, India and Mexico are implementing innovative strategies like cool roofs and energy efficiency standards to address extreme heat.

The pressing need for climate adaptation was underscored at a recent global heat summit that emphasized sustainable and cost-effective solutions, prompting the US to offer resources and technical assistance through international aid.

To help countries navigate the challenges of adaptation and development, institutions like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are providing financing for low-carbon cooling technologies and supporting the integration of heat risks into fiscal planning.

While these initiatives represent progress, they are just the beginning of efforts to address the significant threat posed by extreme heat on a global scale.

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