Funding Opportunity: US Launches Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program

May 31, 2023

Communities experiencing high rates of wildlife-vehicle collisions can now win federal funding for animal crossings and other related projects.

In an effort to reduce motor vehicle accidents and improve habitat connectivity, the federal government announced the Wildlife Crossings Pilot Program, a $350-million initiative that aims to establish wildlife corridors along busy roads.

In the United States, one to two million collisions between vehicles and big game occur every year — resulting in over 26,000 human injuries, about 200 human deaths, and at least $8 billion in associated costs.

Federal Department of Agriculture data suggests that crossing structures reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions by 86-97%.

The structures pay for themselves relatively quickly by preventing costly and devastating accidents.”— Center for Large Landscape Conservation

General development and road building have disturbed animals’ age-old migration paths since the spawn of Former President Eisenhower’s national highway system.

This landmark legislation, the first-ever investment in addressing wildlife-vehicle collisions, will help transportation officials and environmentalists stitch the remaining wild landscapes back together into functional networks.

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