Emphasis on quality

May 10, 2021

Beyond “table stakes,” embed quality disciplines into every aspect of management

For every singular thing that must happen to deliver projects and programs on-plan, there’s an exponential number of unknown or unforeseen circumstances to drive the best-laid plans off-course.

Most managers plan for such contingencies, and while some may see quality as an intangible, “table stakes” assumption, we think it’s even more important to embed more extensive quality disciplines into every aspect of management—from proof of concept to funding, to planning, development and operation.

Quality management pays to reduce costs and risks, especially when integrated through every project phase to assess, validate and assure every possible variable affecting performance outcomes. The biggest problems often originate from unknown, undocumented or unimagined factors, like unstable sub-surface conditions, unmarked utilities, rising material costs, technology disconnects, unfavorable weather patterns, process deviations, safety breaches and skilled labor shortages.

All costly, but preventable, with upfront investment in a fully integrated quality regime applying rigorous scientific, technical and management disciplines for tangible results. You’ll realize greater value and peace of mind over the life of the program, with smart, safe, sustainable performance.

Program, Construction and Quality Management

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