Climate Change and Seasonal Allergies

Apr 22, 2024

The signs of climate change are more than just rising temperatures and unusual weather patterns. For the increasing number of Americans suffering from seasonal allergies, they take the form of prolonged, intensified pollen seasons.

With a quarter of adults and nearly a fifth of children in the US afflicted, the implications are far-reaching. Studies suggest that the warming climate may lead to longer growing seasons and more significant pollen production in plants that cause allergies.

The solution isn’t as simple as popping a run-of-the-mill pill, especially with known allergy remedies needing potentially new dosages and medication types.

Climate advocacy stands as a less immediate but more impactful strategy. But for those dealing with symptoms today, experimenting with medications and reducing allergen exposure can aid immediate relief.

It’s a nuanced approach to a prickly problem that must be addressed with both short-term remedies and a long-term commitment to the planet.

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