Bike to Work Day – Transforming the Way We Commute and Connect with Our Community

Jul 5, 2022

As someone passionate about urban development and its impact on the environment, San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Bike to Work Day has always been one of my favorite events in San Diego, CA.

Why participate in Bike to Work Day?  The reasons are endless, but mainly, it —

  • Supports climate and sustainability action plans by providing an alternative to using cars such as cycling and public transportation
  • Provides the opportunity for us to see and experience new public transportation infrastructure
  • Creates awareness of cyclists and the need to share the road
  • Connects us to our communities! We are far more likely to chat with a neighbor while on a bike at a light than in a car with the windows rolled up and radio on
  • Supports our need to start the day with fresh air, sunshine, and smiles before work.

This year was particularly special because my partner and I decided to test our new electric bicycle (e-bike) by riding 15 miles tandem from our home to work. We knew it would be an adventure, but it was important to me to see the progress San Diego has made for bike infrastructure, and I was impressed!

Our ride was magical and fun! We took the newly completed Rose Creek Bikeway (as of 2021) which connects key areas for businesses, students, and tourists with green bike paths, protected lanes, and private bikeways made to keep us safe. Connectivity is still an issue, but I am seeing progress every year. There are unfinished areas where bike lanes would disappear, putting us in dangerous zones with cars whizzing by at high speeds.  I am hopeful that with more awareness, meaningful environmental action will follow.


Amanda Barbagallo | Digital Marketing Manager | ATLAS

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