Atlas Awarded Engineering Design Review Services Contract With Georgia Department of Transportation

Feb 13, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas, February 13, 2024 — Atlas Technical Consultants Inc. (Atlas or the Company), a leading infrastructure and environmental solutions provider, has been awarded a five-year, $12-million master agreement to conduct engineering design review services across three of the Georgia Department of Transportation’s (GDOT) Districts 1, 6, and 7.

“Atlas has maintained a longstanding partnership with GDOT for over 35 years, delivering engineering design review services since 2006,” Atlas CEO Jacque Hinman said. “This undertaking falls under our engineering and design service line, with support provided by our Georgia offices.”

Atlas will schedule and conduct field plan reviews for the GDOT Office of Engineering Services, ensuring adherence to AASHTO (American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials) and GDOT guidance documents.

The Company will review plans for constructability and document all findings in a formal report, updating client project management databases accordingly. Additionally, Atlas will oversee the review responses to findings, securing final acceptance on behalf of GDOT.

Offering a comprehensive suite of engineering design services, construction inspection, program management, and geotechnical services, Atlas brings a wealth of expertise to the contract. The Company’s prior work experience, demonstrated service excellence, and team of highly qualified reviewers were acknowledged with a perfect score from the selection committee.

By ensuring that field plans are both constructible and cost-efficient, Atlas plays a direct role in maximizing the return on investment for the public’s transportation tax dollars. The Company takes pride in completing a core task for the GDOT Office of Engineering Services and making a significant impact on the overall success of GDOT’s program delivery.

About Atlas Technical Consultants

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Atlas is a leading provider of Infrastructure and Environmental Solutions. We partner with our clients to improve performance and extend the lifecycle of built and natural infrastructure assets stressed by climate, health, and economic impacts. With 3,500+ employees nationwide, Atlas brings deep technical expertise to public- and private-sector clients, integrating services across four primary disciplines: Environmental (ENV); Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC); Engineering & Design (E&D); and Program Management/Construction Management, and Quality Management (PCQM). To learn more about Atlas innovations for transportation, commercial, water, government, education, and industrial markets, visit

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