ATC Group Services, an ATLAS Company, Helps Clients with Novel Coronavirus Health & Safety Protocols

Mar 18, 2020

(AUSTIN, Texas), March 18, 2020 — As an ATLAS company, ATC Group Services LLC (ATC) is a national provider of integrated environmental consulting and engineering services. ATC announced today that they are currently providing Novel Coronavirus consulting services to clients, which include safety planning, exposure pathway assessments; cleaning protocol development and disinfection oversight for multiple clients at over 20 locations throughout the country.

“We stand ready to assist current or new clients with any services needed to ensure their employees and constituents are safe in situations where they may have exposure risks to the Coronavirus,” said Jim Nuccio, ATC/Atlas’ National Program Manager. “ATC will partner with your organization to complete and document those activities that will protect the health and safety of your employees, customers and communities.”

With 26 Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs) nationwide as well as 15 Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) including 10 dual-certified CIH/CSP, and over 500 specially trained and experienced industrial hygiene technicians located across the country, ATC provides exposure assessment, (inspect your facility and identify medium to high contact surfaces recommended for active disinfection); disinfection protocol (develop site specific disinfection protocol with sufficient detail to enable services by a disinfection contractor or janitorial service); disinfection oversight (provide trained staff on-site during disinfection contractor activities to ensure that work is completed in accordance with the disinfection protocol) and documentation and communication services (provide post-disinfection documentation of activities that were completed properly and in accordance with the protocol requirements). The protocols are developed in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Environmental Protection Agency.

“We can support your organization’s Novel Coronavirus response with critical planning, scope development and execution activities,” adds Atlas CEO L. Joe Boyer. “Our national team of experienced industrial hygienists can provide the technical expertise needed to deliver appropriate risk assessment and response. Understanding that response decisions will have operational and financial impacts to your organization, we are committed to developing quality information to help our clients make these difficult decisions in a manner which will instill confidence during this uncertain time.”

Jim Nuccio, Response Coordinator: or 732-859-0525
Matthew Parker, Response Technical Support: or 470-636-2659

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