Sustainable & Resilient Systems

We improve the resilience of natural capital and built infrastructure.

We understand that our survival depends on healthy ecosystems. That’s why we deliver sustainable solutions that improve the health and resilience of both natural systems and built environments.

Our Approach

We harness our shared values and collective expertise to build a smarter, more sustainable and resilient future.

Restoring Natural Systems

We work with our clients to remediate sites and restore natural systems by resolving concerns associated with air, land and water quality. Together, we’re doing our part to clean up, community by community.

Delivering Sustainable Infrastructure

We help clients prepare for the future by innovating more sustainable and resilient materials and methods, developing renewable energy projects, planning for dramatic changes in climate conditions and delivering performance infrastructure that we can all depend on for decades to come.

Resilient Communities

Atlas’ Environmental Sustainability Program aims to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our own operations, as well as increase the services we provide our clients to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Through our program and action plan, Atlas aims to monitor, measure, and reduce the company’s energy and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions across our portfolio of offices and fleet of vehicles.

Project Highlights


Environmental Assessment & Mitigation 

For more than a decade, Atlas has delivered environmental services to retail petroleum clients — safely and effectively addressing everything from surface spills to line breaches.

Jeff Davis County, Georgia

Greenfield Site for Solar Facility in Georgia

The U.S. solar platform for a major oil and gas company, turned to Atlas to facilitate the building of the Snipesville Solar Field — a 107 megawatt facility supplying 100% renewable energy in Georgia.

Santa Monica, CA

Developing a Wildfire Smoke Monitoring Program

After record-breaking fire seasons, the City of Santa Monica turned to Atlas to develop a program for real-time monitoring and controlling employee exposure to air pollutants.

Relevant Services

The greatest contribution we can make to a sustainable and resilient future is our work — specifically through services like:
  • Materials Analysis
  • Industry Certification (LEED)
  • Environmental Services
  • Air Quality Consulting & Field Services
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Solid Waste/Landfill
  • Renewable Energy