CEL’s onsite staffing structure includes a full-time project manager, a resident inspector, and lead inspectors assigned by scope of work. CEL also dedicated a staff engineer for daily report review and Freight Train management. Throughout the duration of construction, CEL’s team has worked closely with the structural engineer and GC superintendent teams to solve as-built items in real-time.

The size and scope of the Apple Campus 2 project has provided CEL the unique opportunity to showcase how our internal structure and business entities can work cohesively as one unit without disruption to the project’s schedule or extra contracts or billing to the client. CEL has utilized the in-house services of our sister companies for shop inspections in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Southern California. CEL Consulting division also provided services for the base isolation systems, high density fireproofing, specialty proof load testing, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Floor Flatness/Floor Levelness, and PQR testing.

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January 16, 2019